Dive Into Your Vibes with Place Type Collections 🌈✨

Hey, Recs fam! 🚀

Ever found yourself scrolling through your endless list of saved spots, thinking, "Where was that killer taco stand?" or "What was the name of that hidden art gallery?" We get it. Your adventures are diverse, and your saved places list is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be revisited or explored. That's why we're stoked to introduce you to something that's about to change the game: Place Type Collections. 🎉

Organize Your Discoveries, Find Your Next Adventure 🗺️💼

Place Type Collections is our latest feature designed to declutter your exploration process and streamline your planning. Whether you're all about culinary adventures at restaurants 🍔, sipping cocktails at the trendiest bars 🍹, discovering the sweetest bakeries 🍰, lounging in serene parks 🌳, or getting cultured at museums 🖼, we've got you covered.

With Place Type Collections, you can now:

Access Places by Type: No more scrolling fatigue. Jump straight into collections based on what you're feeling. Restos? Bars? It's all a tap away.

Auto Curate Your Vibes: While you handpick your finds, we’ll auto organize them into Collections by place type, making it easier than ever to plan your day or night around what you love.

Dream and Discover: Perfect for those moments you're just chilling and dreaming up your next move. Explore collections to find inspiration for your next outing or trip.

Why We Love It (And You Will Too) 💖

Simplify Your Search: Find exactly what you're looking for, fast. Craving baked goods? There's a collection for that.

Personalize Your Plans: Custom collections mean your next adventure is always tailored to your unique tastes and interests.

Discover New Gems: Stumble upon new places within your collections that you might have overlooked before - check out the Get Inspo section at the end of each Collection!

Your Adventures, Streamlined 🚤

Imagine planning a weekend getaway or even just a day out in town. With Place Type Collections, you can easily access your saved bars for a night out, or perhaps you're in the mood for culture and want to hit up museums. It's all there, organized and ready for you to dive in.

How It Works 🛠️

It's simple. Head to your Recs app and check out the Collections tab. Start exploring your saved places, now neatly organized into categories. You can add to your collections anytime by Saving new Places, and we’ll auto organize them into Collections by place type, ensuring your adventures are always just a tap away.

We're Just Getting Started 🌟

Place Type Collections is just the beginning. We're on a mission to make Recs the go-to app for your adventures, whether you're exploring the world or your backyard. Your feedback fuels our journey, so dive in, check out the new feature, and let us know what you think!

Here's to more discoveries, organized vibes, and adventures with Recs. Your world, your way. 🌍✌️

Peace out,
The Recs Squad